This Site Can’t Be Reached in Google Chrome [Solved]

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers. Many users face an error This Site Can’t Be Reached while browsing using Chrome. It is a crazy error, especially when you are in a hurry to open any web page. This Site Cannot Be Reached error occurs due to many reasons.

  • DNS server is not responding.
  • Chrome Browser is not updated
  • TLS version is not suitable

There is no need to be worried. We have certain solutions that will help you to resolve this error or to minimize it.

How to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached Error in Chrome?

To fix This Site Can’t Be Reached error, we have a compilation of solutions. Use the methods mentioned below and follow the simple steps.

Fix 1. Reset Your Chrome Browser Settings

You maybe made some changes inside your browser, which was not necessary. This may result in hampering the working of the Chrome that results in creating the error. So resetting the browser settings will resolve your issue, and things will get normal now. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, open your Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Afterwards, open a new tab inside the browser. In the address bar type chrome://flags and hit Enter.

Step 3: Now, click on Reset all to Default.

Step 4: Lastly, turn off your system and turn it on after some time.  Then, open your browser to check whether the ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached‘ still exists or not.

Make sure that you perform this method quickly to resolve all the errors, as most of our readers said that they also face the err_connection_reset error in Google Chrome after the problem is solved.

Fix 2. Changing Maximum Allowed TLS Version

Step 1: At First, open the Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Now, in the address bar type chrome://flags.

Step 3: Afterwards, scroll down, and you will find a drop-down option which is named as Maximum TLS version-enabled.

Step 4: Finally, change the TLS version to TLS 1.3, which was earlier set to Default.

After you are all set with the steps above, restart your Chrome Browser. You don’t have to click on the Save button.  The settings will be saved automatically after some time.

This Site Cannot Be Reached error has been removed, open a web page which was showing the error earlier. Hopefully, you will not encounter the error again, and the web page that you want to reach will open easily.

Fix 3. Disable Experimental QUIC Protocol

Before proceeding with the steps, you should know what QUIC is? QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connection. It is used to deliver security protection to TLS and the SSL as well. It decreases the connection and transport latency to provide security to TLS and SSL. Sometimes, after disabling this Protocol, you can open the web page showing the error. To disable this protocol, the steps are:

Step 1: At first, open the Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Then, in the address bar type chrome://flags.

Step 3: By scrolling below, you will find a drop-down named as Experimental QUIC Protocol.

Step 4: Lastly, change the option from Default to Disable.

After the steps followed, restart your Chrome Browser and check if the error persists. To check open the web page that says ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached’. Now, you can open your web page easily.

Fix 4. Change Your IPV4 DNS Address

This method might help you to solve the ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached’ error. Changing your IPV4 address means changing your Google Public DNS Server as Internet Protocol Version 4. We have mentioned the steps below to change your IPV4 DNS address.

Step 1: Click on the Focus Assist and look for Network icon and right-click on it.

Step 2: Now,  select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3: Then, find and click on your Network Connections (for example – Ethernet 2).

Step 4: Click on Properties after that.

Step 5: You will find an option Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPV4), and double-click on it.

Step 6: Now,  enter on the mentioned Google public DNS server address:

Step 7: Then, click on the checkbox that states Validate Settings Upon Exit. Now, confirm this by clicking on OK.

Step 8: Finally, navigate to the website again and check whether it is working or not.

Fix 5. Reset TCP/IP Stack

Sometimes ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached’ error occurred due to TCP/IP. This happens because it cannot communicate properly between the web pages and the Internet. So, resetting it might help. To reset the TCP/IP steps are :

Step 1: Press Windows Key + X to open the Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

Step 2: Now, enter the commands one by one that we are providing below. After each command press Enter.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Step 3: Restart your system after executing all the commands. This will automatically save the changes made. This Site Can’t Be Reached should be fixed by now. You can also use this method to fix err_network_changed in Google Chrome, once it’s done correctly.

Fix 6. Restart DNS Client

The error may sometimes occur due to the DNS client. To remove this error restarting the DNS Client might help. To restart it, continue with the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Start Menu and open it.

Step 2: Now, type “Services” right-click on it and Run as Administrator.

Step 3: A list of services will open now. Look for DNS Client from that list.

Step 4: Once you get DNS Client, from the left panel, select the Restart Option.

Close all your windows after that and restart your system. Now, open the Google Chrome Browser and the page that you want to open. If the error remains, the page will take more time to respond. This will make you sure the ‘This Site Cannot Be Reached’ is no longer seen.

Fix 7. Reinstall Chrome

We have mentioned many solutions above to resolve the This Site Can’t Be Reached problem. All of the above techniques can solve your issues. But, if the error remains, you should try to reinstall the browser again. Reinstalling and refreshing can be proved to be the best option. The steps to reinstall Chrome are here:

Step 1: Press Windows key + R. Now in the search box, type Control Panel.

Step 2: You will find some options available. Select Uninstall a Program from that list and Uninstall Chrome.

Step 3: Lastly, go to the mentioned path: C:\Users\%your_name%\AppData\Local\Google\

Now, you need to delete each and everything inside this folder.

Step 4: Then, download the Google Chrome Browser. To download the browser, go to the official website of Google Chrome Website.

Step 5: Finally,  when the browser is installed again, run the newly installed browser and check that you are now able to reach the required webpage. This will help you to resolve the  ‘This Site Can’t Be Reached’ error.


This Site Cannot Be Reached error is proved to be an irritating error. No one wants to waste their time facing these issues. So we have tried our best and provided all the solutions we have. We have mentioned seven different solutions, and one or more will surely get you out of the error.

All the methods above will work as per your wish. Just try all of them in order. We hope you will solve ‘This Site Can’t Be Reached’ error and will visit your webpage easily.